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Around The World - Qantas

Around The World - Qantas

Around The World - Qantas

Around The World - Qantas

Around The World Tour – Qantas


30 Sep - 19 Oct 2019

FROM $21,900 PP

INCLUDES: Flights | Accommodation | Sightseeing | Transfers

Encounter South Korea’s dynamic capital of Seoul; uncover the history of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the birthplace of three religions; find yourself at the cultural and historical crossroad of Malta in the Mediterranean; witness Spain’s architectural and gastronomic gem, Barcelona; discover Cartagena on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia; explore Cusco and the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu; and submit to the mysteries of Easter Island.

Day 1


Monday 30 September
And so the adventure begins. Join fellow travellers and your Journey Leaders at Sydney’s International Airport before an afternoon flight to Seoul. This evening dinner is served at altitude – and with our onboard chefs, it’s sure to be a notch above your regular inflight meal.


Tuesday 1 October
Seoul is throwing off its industrial reputation, asking the world to take notice. And that is what we shall do today as we explore the highlights of the city including the 14th century Gyeongbokgung Palace. A walk through the city’s most popular market will whet your appetite for a traditional Korean lunch.

A La Carte options feature throughout your journey, get your first taste of them this afternoon. Choose from:

  • No matter an individual Korean’s religious persuasion, the spirituality of Buddhism binds all. Learn about this unique culture while visiting the city’s temples.
  • Forget about the Karate Kid, Korea is for Taekwondo. Channel the martial arts within for a demonstration and lesson.
  • Reinvigorate yourself with a visit to a traditional Korean bath house.
  • Visit the fascinating War Memorial of Korea.

Gala dinners and highlight events are a hallmark of your Constellation Journey. We come together for a special welcome dinner on a man made floating island in Seoul tonight.


Wednesday 2 October
When in the modern metropolis of Seoul it’s easy to forget the history behind this divided country. After the Korean War the country split into two. Separating the North from the South is a two kilometre border, known as the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ). We make our way to the DMZ today, one of the last relics of the Cold War and one of the most bizarre areas in the world. Returning to Seoul for dinner this evening it’s A La Carte time again, literally! Choose from restaurants both inside and nearby our hotel.


Thursday 3 October
Welcome aboard your flying home – we’re on our way to Jerusalem. Relax with a fine drink, expertly prepared cuisine and the company of new friends aboard our private jet. Visitors and pilgrims have flocked to Israel and the Holy Lands since the 4th millennium BC. Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world – the spiritual and religious centre for Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This evening we touch down in Tel Aviv before driving to our hotel in Jerusalem.


Friday 4 October
The Old City of Jerusalem packs the sights in tight. We waste no time getting out to explore, starting with Temple Mount, a most holy site for followers of Judaism and Islam. Then it’s on to the Western Wall, the number one place of pilgrimage for Jewish people. Explore the maze of tunnels beneath the Western Wall before rising to ground level near the Bethesda pools, of Old and New Testament fame. Following Via Dolorosa through the colourful Shuk (Muslim Market) we reach the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Our walk continues to the Jewish Quarter to step upon Cardo, the main street dating back to the times of Romans. Then it’s over to the Armenian Quarter, arguably the most intriguing, peaceful and picturesque area of Jerusalem. After lunch at a restaurant within the Old Town we embark on an adventure through time, visiting the original City of David and the beginnings of Jerusalem. This evening we are invited into family homes in Jerusalem to share in the traditional and ceremony of Shabbat.


Saturday 5 October
Choose from A La Carte options today:

  • Descend to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea Basin, and continue to Masada, the last stronghold of the Jewish people in the Great Revolt against the Romans. The trail of ancient history leads us on to the discovery site of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus. Visit Shepherds’ field and walk through Manger Square to visit the remarkable Church of the Nativity.
  • You know the saying “It’s just like riding a bike”? It’s true – but test out the theory for yourself with a gentle bike riding tour of Tel Aviv. With bike paths and a seaside promenade Tel Aviv is perfectly laid out for exploring by bike.

Dine at a selection of restaurants this evening.


Sunday 6 October
From the Middle East to the heart of the Mediterranean we go in style. Aboard our Qantas 747, with our friendly crew, travelling companions, top notch food and quality drinks, it’s more of a party in the sky than a way of getting from A to B. Descending into the jewel of the Mediterranean we land at the tiny Maltese capital, Valletta. Check in to your elegant hotel and enjoy a relaxing afternoon, basking in the glow of the Mediterranean. When in the Mediterranean surely one must take to the water? Joining a traditional sailing vessel we cruise around Valletta’s magnificent harbours, allowing the magical history of the city to unfold. The fortifications, walls and buildings built by the Knights of St. John, Rhodes and Malta upon their arrival in 1530 form a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable harbour cruise.


Monday 7 October
Today the choices abound. Which will you select?
This morning we get to know Valletta better. Visit the Grand Master’s Palace and its armoury plus St John’s Cathedral and Casa Rocca Piccola. Together we share a traditional Maltese lunch before diverging down your chosen path:

  • Uncover the intriguing mysteries of Malta’s former capital, Mdina. The narrow streets of this city are as enchanting as they are historic. On our way back to Malta we visit Mosta, with its impressive dome.
  • Get out of town and head south to the Tarxien Temples, the magical Blue Grotto and the irresistible fishing village of Marsaxlokk.
  • Strap on your comfortable shoes and walk the Three Cities of Malta’s inception – Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua. The Three Cities have provided a home, harbour and fortress to citizens since Phoenician times.
  • Or perhaps you’d rather spend the day further afield? As the morning sun dances its reflections across the sea we step aboard a boat and sail the stunning Mediterranean archipelago to Gozo, the second largest island in Malta. Valletta may have the glitz and glam but Gozo excels in natural beauty. After a traditional Maltese lunch and time at the fascinating Gozo360 display you’ll discover the 300 year old salt pan area along the coast.

Tonight we come together for a magical night to remember in Valletta, experience local Maltese specialities in a location that is sure to amaze!


Tuesday 8 October
We leave Malta but we’re not yet ready to leave behind the charms of the Mediterranean. French Champagne in hand, we fly across the sea to Barcelona. The mild days of October are perfect for exploring, with the city still optimistically clinging to the scent of summer. After touching down in the heart of Catalunya we make the most of our afternoon, taking the panoramic route to Montjuic Hill for a view over Barcelona. As we ascend we’ll pass by some of the city’s iconic sights including La Sagrada Familia.


Wednesday 9 October & Thursday 10 October
It’s time to delve deep into Barcelona, and with A La Carte options offered over two days, you’ll be able to enjoy the city on your own terms:

  • Wine connoisseurs might be tempted with a full day visit to the fascinating wine region of Priorat, where the land varies from kilometre to kilometre. There’s extreme variation in the soil, enormous contrast in the slopes and hills – even the amount of rain each area receives is unpredictable. But with 600 growers and 99 wineries, one thing is for certain, this a land for wine!
  • Drive into the countryside to the Benedictine Monk retreat at Montserrat. Enter the cliffside monastery and enjoy this serenely stunning location amidst the Catalan mountains. Enjoy lunch at a quaint local restaurant.
  • A fantastic way to get to know a place and its people is through food. And to get to the heart of Barcelona you must first go through its belly. Join a colourful morning walking tour through the markets and cafés of Barcelona.
  • Barcelona is a cultural and architectural wonderland – due in no small part to Gaudi. Join a morning discovery of the Gaudi icons, concluding with a visit inside La Sagrada Familia.

On both afternoons there will be shuttle buses running from your hotel to Las Ramblas, enabling you time to explore this marvellous city independently. On Wednesday evening there is a special dinner planned just for us.

On Thursday it’s dinner A La Carte style – where you choose from a selection of restaurants.


Friday 11 October
Adios Barcelona and Hola Cartagena – we’re moving continents but the language remains unchanged. Back onboard you’re welcomed with top tier service, complimentary French Champagne and fine Australian wines. There will be plenty of time for socialising and perhaps even a siesta. Life aboard your private jet is a very different experience to a regular flight! Arriving into Cartagena you will be driven directly to your hotel.


Saturday 12 October
Brush aside all preconceptions you have about both the Caribbean coast and Colombia. Cartagena is one of the most surprising cities you’ll come across. It’s also one the most superbly preserved colonial cities of the Spanish Empire. This morning we enter into the old town, surrounded by a 13km circumference stone wall. Ensconced within the walls is a living open air museum of wooden houses, pastel facades and cobbled streets. Cartagena breathes history, beauty and culture in a way that only a Latin city could. How you discover the old town is up to you – by foot or by wheels (of the pushbike variety)! With a relaxing lunch back at your hotel, the afternoon is free to enjoy. By the pool with cocktail in hand perhaps? Or for more adventures join one of our shuttle buses, taking you back to the old town for independent exploration.

There are plans afoot this evening, rather than spoil the surprise, let’s just say a “special” dinner is planned.


Sunday 13 October
A La Carte options spread out before you today:

  • Cartagena’s old town is filled with architectural treasures. Join a walking tour this morning with an architect and decipher some of the mysteries.
  • Colombia, home of rum and coffee. This morning you may like to tickle your tastebuds with a tasting. Rest assured, in Colombia it’s never too early for rum or too late for coffee!
  • Escape the city for the day and head to Rosario Islands. Idyllically located on an archipelago, this is the Caribbean of your dreams – azure blue waters, white sands and palm trees.

This evening the A La Carte options continue with a choice of dining venues.


Monday 14 October
From one colonial city to the next – but that’s where the similarities end. We take off from the Caribbean coast and, after changing aircraft in Lima, land high in the Andes. (Our Qantas 747 is too large to operate to Cusco.) Upon arriving in Cusco we transfer directly to our hotel and prepare for tomorrow, our journey to Machu Picchu.


Tuesday 15 October
A journey to Machu Picchu is the pinnacle for many travellers but the rail journey itself is a highlight, with its zig zags down the mountains and its picturesque route following the Urubamba River. But of course it’s the abandoned Incan citadel of Machu Picchu that you’re really here for. And it delivers in spades. It’s hard to imagine what the Incas were thinking when they deemed this remote mountain ridge as the site of their 15th century citadel. It’s even more difficult to envisage how the city was built – and just why it was abandoned 100 years later. But rather than speculate and reason, sometimes it’s better to let the magic take over. Machu Picchu is one of those times.


Wednesday 16 October
A La Carte options are yours to select:
The Incas were industrious people – from mountaintop citadels to ancient irrigation systems, salt mines, stone villages and sacrificial sites. Travellers might flock to Cusco for Machu Picchu but there’s so much more here to discover. We spend the day exploring the Ancient Valley of the Incas from our Cusco base with a variety of half and full day alternatives offering cultural, shopping and scenic highlights.

Low Altitude Option - Cusco is located at an altitude of 3,400m. If you are concerned about travelling to this altitude you’ll be pleased to know we offer an alternative low altitude option visiting the fascinating Peruvian city of Chiclayo, discovering its archaeological and colonial treasures. Please enquire for a detailed itinerary.


Thursday 17 October
We fly to Lima to rejoin our ‘Queen of the Sky’, bound for Easter Island. One of the most remote, confounding and mystical places on earth. Arriving after lunch we’re straight out to explore, starting with the ancient abandoned village of Orongo and the volcanic crater lake of Rano Kau. Easter Island was formed 750,000 years ago after a series of volcanic eruptions and is one of the most remote inhabited places in the world.


Friday 18 October
A tiny island, lying 3700km off the coast of its nation and filled with more than 600 giant moai statues – Easter Island is unlike anywhere on earth. Feel the magic and intrigue of this incredible place as we make our way around Easter Island today. Witness the inexplicable moai statues, standing with their backs to the sea, and walk through the quarry where they were made thousands of years ago. Stand and wonder at how primitive man achieved such startling perfection, taking 90 tonne monoliths from the sides of volcanoes to create a spell binding archaeological puzzle. We continue around the island to Anakena beach, more like Tahiti than Chile. There will be one more chance to photograph the extraordinary moai before local performers treat us to a show. Soon the call of home sounds out and we’re boarding our private flying kangaroo one more time for the flight home to Sydney.


Saturday 19 October
Celebrate the journey of a lifetime and farewell newfound friends with a glass of Champagne or fine Australian wine as we fly towards home. Whilst you will arrive in Sydney with time to connect to most other cities today, it may take a week or so to adjust back to regular life!


It’s seldom you find a journey that has it all, but with years of industry experience, the experts behind the scenes at Constellation Journeys have curated astounding moments in travel to bring you nothing but the best. As travel industry veterans, our attention to detail is second to none. What’s more you can leave your wallet at home because we pride ourselves in taking care of absolutely everything once you join us. And whilst you can select from a range of flight classes on board, irrespective of the class you choose, we are proud to offer the complete package to all our guests. You will enjoy all meals, impressive accommodation, a comprehensive sightseeing program with enhanced touring from our A La Carte range plus those thoughtful additions that make your trip extra special.

It’s not often you can talk of a private jet as your own. For three weeks, your privately chartered Qantas 747 has all you need …and more. The hand selected crew travel with you, welcoming you back on board after each destination with a glass of French Champagne and superior cabin service. To ensure your utmost comfort we will not be utilising all seats on the aircraft, so you can stretch out and enjoy the journey, no matter what class you are travelling in.

We have called on the best and most experienced Journey Leaders to inspire and guide you through your trip of a lifetime. These very special individuals live and breathe discovery, companionship and hospitality as second nature. They also know the secret spots for the best gelato or where to steal a photo opportunity away from the crowds. Liaising with English speaking guides in each destination, you’re in safe hands.

We appreciate that not everyone wants the same thing from their holiday. Some guests like walking tours, while others prefer shopping days. Some are looking for the great outdoors, while others prefer museums and galleries. Celebrating the delights of difference, we are proud to present our A La Carte options, inviting you to build your own holiday on top of our core touring experiences, with a range of enhancements to suit every taste. Think Taekwondo classes in Seoul or Gourmet Foodie tours in Barcelona. Imagine blissfully sailing the waters of the Mediterranean on a cruise to Malta’s Gozo Island or stretching your legs with a cycle tour around Cartagena’s Spanish colonial heart. And, unless otherwise stated, all A La Carte options are included. Look out for our A La Carte symbols for a taste of what’s to come, with more to be revealed as your journey nears.

Have you ever been on a tour where the crowd is so large you can’t hear the guide or see the exhibits? We understand the frustration and are proud to present you with just the opposite. Intimate touring groups ensure that nothing is lost; quite the contrary, everything is gained. Our generous ratio of staff to guests will ensure that you get the personal attention you deserve, with your every need more than catered for. We also provide each guest with a high quality personal headset, perfect for hearing our guides commentary in all circumstances, from inside La Sagrada Familia to walking the ruins of Machu Picchu. Fully air conditioned transport in every destination will ensure you feel relaxed from the moment you step outside the hotel, particularly as our sightseeing vehicles are not filled to capacity. So sit back, relax and take in the sights in comfort.

With Constellation Journeys you will always have the peace of mind that you are being escorted every step of the way, with the very best local guides at your service. Local knowledge and cultural immersion is key to ensuring you enjoy the most authentic experience – and rest assured every guide from every country is ready to answer all your questions about history, the arts – and where to find the best cup of coffee.

If you’re journeying solo, the adventure begins right here. You’ll never feel alone, unless of course you wish to be. Our Journey Leaders are always ready to join you for coffee or dinner. And travelling with likeminded individuals, you are sure to make long lasting friendships. What better way to introduce yourself and set the tone than with our Solo Traveller evenings, yours to attend if you wish. If you would like to enjoy the privacy of your own room we offer the lowest possible single supplement, alternatively we can arrange for you to share a room with another traveller. With Constellation Journeys, you may be travelling alone, but you will never travel lonely.

Imagine the freedom and relaxation of never having to worry about carrying your suitcase. That’s what Constellation Journeys is proud to offer. As if by magic you will find your luggage outside your room shortly after your arrival, and picked up and whisked to the airport before you depart. Which leaves you time for the more important things, like shopping or sightseeing. We all know there are better things to do on a holiday than being weighed down with baggage!

Standing in line is never fun, that’s why, wherever possible, we have made arrangements in advance to expedite your clearance through customs and immigration formalities.

If shopping is your thing you can rest assured we’ve made plans for your purchases. When you have your own private 747, excess luggage doesn’t have to be a concern. We invite you to shop to your heart’s content without worrying how you are going to get everything home. Better yet, our fantastic team will even carry your suitcases for you.

For your peace of mind we have invited a fully qualified doctor onto our private jet for the duration of the journey. Of course, we’re not saying any of us will need it, but in our experience, travellers benefit from this peace of mind when exploring far flung corners of the globe. Your health and wellbeing is our priority.

We’re pleased to include a comprehensive travel insurance policy. (Subject to meeting the requirements of the insurer.)

Your journey with Constellation Journeys can contribute to your Qantas Frequent Flyer balance – considerably. Depending on the class you select, you can benefit from a sliding scale of points that can take your next journey even further. You must be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to earn and redeem Qantas points. A joining fee usually applies, however Constellation Journeys has arranged for this to be waived for new customers.

If you’re anything like us, one of the things you look forward to most when travelling is the hotel. There’s nothing like that feeling of stepping through the door of your room for the first time and checking out the view or climbing between the crisp sheets of the bed after a day of adventure. The hotels we have in the Constellation Collection are set to astound and delight. From modern chic to colonial grace, our fine hotels are the pick of the bunch. Want to boast to the folks at home? You’ll be happy to know WiFi is included in all our hotels.* For your comfort we have opted to use multiple Constellation Collection hotels in most destinations we visit. It’s important that we maintain a sense of space and convenience for our guests, whether ensuring an unhurried breakfast, a civilised check in process or relaxing with a cocktail by the pool.


Superior Class, Superior Plus, Premier Class
With easy access to markets, shopping malls and historic landmarks, downtown is where you want to be. The Westin Chosun is in the heart of the action and recent renovations have cemented its position as a world class hotel. Plus, it has a great selection of restaurants to choose from on your A La Carte night!

Business Class, Business Prestige
When you’re looking for the next level of service and amenities, Four Seasons delivers. With floor to ceiling windows offering panoramic views of Seoul, the Four Seasons greets Business Class guests with 45 sqm Deluxe Rooms and Business Prestige guests with suites measuring a minimum 66 sqm. The hotel offers a selection of fine dining options including Korean, Italian, Japanese and the Michelin starred Cantonese restaurant Yu Yuan.
Superior Class, Superior Plus, Premier Class
An enviable design team including Israel’s most famous architect have created the ultimate designer hotel, marrying perfectly Jerusalem’s architectural history with modern facilities. Stretch out in the spacious rooms, perhaps take a bath with Bulgari products and soothe your walker’s legs.
Business Class, Business Prestige
The ‘City of Kings’ deserves a hotel fit for a king – welcome to your castle. Elevated high above the Old City walls, positioned to make the most of the view, this is Jerusalem’s finest hotel. Guests are accommodated in Deluxe Old City view rooms with Business Prestige guests elevated to the highest levels.
Superior Class, Superior Plus, Premier Class
A five star hotel with private access to the Mediterranean? A room with a view of the sea? The famous Westin Heavenly Beds? Yes please! Add to that the downtown location of St Julian’s and you’re ready to experience all that Malta has to offer.
Business Class, Business Prestige
Not just a hotel with history The Phoenicia is a Valletta icon. With glorious views of the Grand Harbour and the city’s skyline you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back 500 years. Your room retains many of its original features, fortunately it also contains all the mod cons you’d expect from a five star hotel. Business Class guests enjoy an Executive Balcony room. Business Prestige guests are treated to Harbour View rooms. No matter which room type – you can be sure the panorama from your balcony is something to savour.
Superior Class, Superior Plus
No matter where travellers start their Barcelona exploration, more often than not they’ll end up at Las Ramblas, the central boulevard that slices the city in half. At Le Méridien you’re within arm’s reach of this eclectic and vibrant area, perfect for a free afternoon of independent exploration and ideal for an evening of tapas indulgence.
Premier Class, Business Class, Business Prestige
Even if you don’t speak Spanish, with a name like El Palace it’s clear what this hotel stands for. Pampered by world class service and rooms that contain their period features – think decorative fireplaces from the 1920s – this is Barcelona’s most enviable address. An address that’s right in the centre of the city, within easy reach of the exclusive shopping areas and close to Las Ramblas. Premier Class and Business Class travellers are accommodated in Classic Rooms and Business Prestige guests are offered Junior Suites.
Superior Class, Superior Plus, Premier Class
Throw bedtime habits to the wind, leave your curtains back one evening and arise to a sun drenched view of the Caribbean. Located on the oceanfront and within walking distance of Cartagena’s historic walled city the light filled Hyatt Regency is a great place to recharge your batteries. Enjoy a night cap or coffee in the hotel’s lounge, there are few better views in Cartagena.
Business Class, Business Prestige
A stay at this hotel is like stepping through the history books – if walls could talk! A former convent, the centrally located Sofitel offers the perfect blend of French luxury and colonial architecture. Your room, with its supremely comfortable Sofitel ‘MyBed’ and Nespresso machine, offers a welcoming home away from home. Business Class guests are accommodated in Classic Rooms and Business Prestige guests in Luxury Suites.
Superior Class, Superior Plus
A hotel filled with ancient tales encompassing centuries of history and culture is yours for our time in the Andes. A member of The Luxury Collection group of hotels, Palacio Del Inka combines modern comfort with a taste of colourful Peruvian culture. Sink into your comfortable bed after a day of Incan exploration.
Premier Class, Business Class, Business Prestige
Once a 16th century convent, now a place of timeless luxury. With rooms that harbour elegant marble bathrooms, deluxe bedding and an oxygen enrichment air system – this hotel will reset your buttons to high altitude adventures in no time. Replenish your energy with dinner at the hotel’s Qespi restaurant, one of Cusco’s best. Premier Class and Business Class guests enjoy Classic Inca rooms, Business Class Prestige guests are accommodated in Suites.
Superior Class, Superior Plus
Easter Island is a remote and magical place. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, there are few luxury hotels. Enjoy a night in a comfortable motel or lodge with local charm.
Premier Class, Business Class, Business Prestige
There are no high rise luxury hotels on Easter Island – and that’s the way it should be. But if you’re looking for luxury, look no further than this “eco village”. Voted #2 Best South American Resorts by readers of Conde Nast Traveler, Hangaroa Eco Village is inspired by its natural environment with an open layout and sea view rooms. There are two excellent restaurants, featuring local seafood and produce
SUPERIOR PLUS$27,500$3,690

Prices are all inclusive, twin share per person from Sydney. Connecting fares to join the journey in Sydney from other cities are available on request. Flights between Lima – Cusco – Lima are in economy class with LATAM for all guests. Conditions apply.

Totally impressed with the level of service

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