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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

CHI Travel Insurance Pty Ltd specialises in worldwide travel insurance for Australian residents or for non-residents of Australia travelling to Australia. CHI Travel Insurance is one of the oldest travel insurance products in Australia.

We hope that your trip goes well.  But however much you plan, unexpected things can go wrong.  CHI Travel Insurance policy provides protection for a range of mishaps.



  • Are you planning to go cruising, do adventure activities or rent a car?  Not all plans will fit your needs.  Compare policies to ensure cover is provided for your intended activities.
  • Ensure that you have read the Product Disclosure Statement and understand the policy benefits, limits and exclusions.
  • Declare and pre-existing medical conditions to make sure you’re travelling with sufficient cover.
  • Take care to keep yourself and your belongings safe while travelling.  While comprehensive travel insurance policies offer significant protection from unexpected events, there are some scenarios where you may not be covered.  For instance, your claim may be declined if you are injured while heavily intoxicated, you don’t follow local laws or your belongings are stolen while left unsupervised in a public place.